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1/ Monday ,14 September 2015; Elegant sea snake rescue
Not the most exciting video but sea snake rescues rarely are. In fact if a sea snake rescue is exciting then it was probably done wrong. This guy was taken to Australia Zoo where he can hopefully make a full recovery.
2/ Saturday ,05 September 2015; Go home snake, you're drunk!
If you have ever fell out of a doorway then you may relate to this
3/ Saturday ,29 August 2015; Catching an eastern brown snake the professional way
How to catch a large eastern brown snake. No hyperbole, no hysterics, not even the traditional snake catcher dance. there is, unfortunately, a single swear word. The animal behaved exactly as I expected. Given a choice, a snake will always retreat, I slowly approached it and when it turned to flee into the rockwall I was able to tail it. Then by keeping its head on the ground it stayed calm(ish) but it did wrap itself around a bush. I have encountered this before and if you put a black bag in front of it the snake will attempt to enter it. And as you can see from the release portion of the video, all the snake wanted to do was get away from the horrible, orange-clad monster.
4/ Sunday ,16 August 2015; Isn't he cute!
a very cold and very black common tree snake, This is why I don't like calling them by their other name - green tree snake. I like the young girls attitude to snakes
5/ Sunday ,16 August 2015; Carpet Python
A small carpet python
6/ Wednesday ,05 August 2015; Carpet python on clothes airer
A carpet python trying to help a woman with her washing. What you don't see is the ladies snack sized dog, which is the only reason she wanted this animal moved on. As you can see, I am able to keep pythons calm.
7/ Monday ,03 August 2015; Throw another snake on the barbie
A snake was seen going into a BBQ late last night and the woman was worried about her cat.
8/ Monday ,27 July 2015; My Largest Eastern Brown Snake Yet
Best viewed on a big screen. I didn't know just how big this critter was, I was unable to see the entire animal until I pulled it from the bush. She topped 2 meters and if you look carefully you can see just how close she came to my chest. Very scary and I am glad I now wear these thick overalls.
9/ Sunday ,26 July 2015; The snakest place on the sunshine coast
This is my fourth visit to this place. So far I have removed 20 Brown tree snakes from this building. I am unsure of the attraction and it is possible that the building acts as a trap as dead animals have been found. However all of the animals I have removed have been in good condition. There is no sign of prey animals within the building but with this many snakes here that is to be expected
10/ Sunday ,26 July 2015; Carpet snake in a shed
Small carpet snake in a shed. This wall was about to be blocked up and they wanted the animal moved to safety first
11/ Friday ,24 July 2015; The Blair Snake Project.
This is a very short example of filming going wrong.I was called for a large and highly venomous brown snake and it was right beside the gate where I entered and trying to get into the garden. SOP is for the camera to be put down before capture but I had an excellent and safe opportunity to get the snake so I took it. Having a large, venomous and agitated snake in one hand and a camera in the other meant that production values went out the door.
12/ Thursday ,23 July 2015; Carpet python in a bar fridge
Despite a cold spell this July has been the busiest ever. This callout came while I was cooking roast beef marinated in red wine and garlic. By the time I made my return the roast was cooked to perfection.
13/ Friday ,17 July 2015; One eyed ( tree ) snake
Removal of a number of tree snakes from a microwave repeater station that services both Channel Ten and Queensland Rail. I don't know what the attraction is with this place but I go there once a year and remove multiple snakes each visit.
14/ Thursday ,09 July 2015; Carpet python on a veranda
A nice carpet python conducting a terror campaign from a veranda. I was told that it was 4 meters long but..
15/ Wednesday ,08 July 2015; Big carpet python in a kitchen
Big carpet python in a kitchen at Noosa. She would have been close to three meters long. Notice how vicious the animal is and the trouble I had subduing him.
16/ Friday ,08 July 2016; Carpet python in a ceiling
Got this guy last month, he was in a veranda ceiling and the people thought that it may be a hazard to their small dogs. Filmed on an IPad then rotated.
17/ Thursday ,05 March 2015; Beerwah police station has a visitor.
The police station has a small visitor - a baby red bellied black snake.
18/ Wednesday ,11 February 2015; Large Goanna aka Chook Chaser
This guy has been stalking chooks and managed to get itself trapped in a shed for an easy capture. These guys scare me and I don't mind saying that I was shaking at the end of this episode.
19/ Thursday ,05 February 2015; Brown Snake in a freight terminal at Yandina
A rather long video showing the difficulties in\n A:Finding a snake \n B:Catching a snake once located
20/ Wednesday ,04 February 2015; Goanna in de House
A Goanna who wandered into a house. These are not aggressive animals, in fact they are cowardly, but they do pack a respectable armory and need to be treated with caution. But after saying that, this guy didn't even try and bite me once.
21/ Tuesday ,27 January 2015; Boring
Too often snake relocation videos show exciting chases and difficult situations. However most jobs are just like this, fairly boring
22/ Sunday ,18 January 2015; How to catch a red bellied black snake the professional way
The preferred way I catch a red bellied black snake. Minimal stress for the animal and maximum safety for me. Very hot day and the snake is a lot quicker than normal.
23/ Tuesday ,16 December 2014; Big coastal carpet python
Probably not the most elegant method of capture but I did catch it.
24/ Tuesday ,16 December 2014; Way too close!
This is the danger of overconfidence. With a small snake extreme caution should be taken as they can quickly twist up and bite. Fortunately for me the snake did not actually try and bite but I need to be more careful. Much more careful!
25/ Tuesday ,09 December 2014; Snake in a bush!
A red bellied black snake who had wandered into a service station then hid in a bush.
26/ Sunday ,07 December 2014; Red Belly Black Snake release
Using the latest technology* I have safely got closeup video of a red belly being released! *latest technology = GoPro on a stick
27/ Tuesday ,02 December 2014; Welcome to Australia!
A nice couple, him from America and her from New Zealand, who have been in Australia for a month and they get a venomous eastern brown snake as a visitor.
28/ Monday ,01 December 2014; An easy one ( for a change )
A yellow faced whip snake that made it into a place full of kids
29/ Monday ,01 December 2014; Lace monitor in a chook pen (again)
Handling a monitor lizard can be hazardous! Notice how the safety precautions regarding the children suddenly became very important.
30/ Monday ,01 December 2014; So you want to be a snake catcher?
A red bellied black snake in a bulldozer! A scary and gratifying job but not one for the faint of heart.
31/ Monday ,24 November 2014; Eastern Brown snake in a chook pen
An eastern brown snake in a chicken coop. It was right near a nesting pair of geese and I am surprised that the gander didn't try and chase it off. I'm also surprised that the gander didn't try and chase me off too. Anyhow, the snake was in a situation where it was easy to sneak up on and grab. This was my third callout to this place and the first where I actually caught a snake.
32/ Monday ,24 November 2014; Tree snake in a cupboard
A tree snake that was hiding in a cupboard. The people allowed me to release the harmless snake into their backyard.
33/ Sunday ,23 November 2014; Brown Snake on an office desk
An eastern brown snake who climbed up onto a desk. Normally elapid snakes are reluctant to climb but this guy has no qualms about getting high. Also notice that the snake was in full view from the moment I opened the door and notice how frightenly close I get without seeing it. It is a good example of how even the most deadly snakes don't want to bite.
34/ Tuesday ,04 November 2014; Red belly at the sunshine coast university.
I had just had a large chunk taken out of my leg to be sent off for analysis and the anesthetic was wearing off. I was in pain. I was in stress. I wasn't in the mode to muck around
35/ Sunday ,02 November 2014; Colitus draggus
Two highly venomous eastern brown snakes making the serpentine equivalent of the beast with two backs. The girl was willing to try and escape but I think that the male was attempting to stand his ground. Fortunately they were locked together and she just dragged him along as she tried to escape. It is enough to make your eyes water.
36/ Tuesday ,28 October 2014; Eastern brown snake in a restaurant
A venomous eastern brown snake that had made its way into a hotel restaurant. I had been trying to catch this guy for weeks as he was hanging around the hotels pool. He decided to make it easy for me this time by entering the restaurant.
37/ Friday ,24 October 2014; Four in one
Removal of four brown tree snakes from one building
38/ Sunday ,12 January 2014; Yellow faced Whipsnake caught by a cat
39/ Saturday ,11 October 2014; Brown snake who wasn't great crossing the road
This job happened too quickly. I hadn't managed to put the GoPro onto my head before I had to run to catch the snake. But I did catch him.
40/ Monday ,22 September 2014; Eastern Brown Snake in a compost bin
The stuff you have to go though to catch a snake
41/ Thursday ,18 September 2014; Rodney discovering he isn't the only pet in the house
Our new dog Rodney realizing why we named the snake room.the snake room. I don't think that he is a fan of snakes.
42/ Thursday ,18 September 2014; Red Belly Release
Letting a big red belly black snake go.
43/ Friday ,13 December 2013; Lace Monitor on a wall
A lace monitor that ran into a house. Count how many times the animal is on camera before I saw him. I am so used to looking for snakes that are on the ground
44/ Thursday ,05 December 2013; Snake near a pool
A snake that decided to hide under pool machinery. Took quite a while to locate him
45/ Wednesday ,04 December 2013; Python in a guinea pig cage
An all too common occurrence in this part of the world. A python gets into a pet cage and has a midnight snack that is approximately half the pythons weight. The python cannot get out of the cage and is then discovered by the pets owner the next morning
46/ Tuesday ,19 November 2013; A red belly black snake who wandered into the local surf club
A red belly black snake who wandered into the local surf club. Notice the efficient way I captured "Nipper". Incidentally I often have a drink here.
47/ Sunday ,17 November 2013; Red Belly Black Snake caught in bird netting
Removal of a snake from bird netting. This is sometimes very dangerous as the snake is stressed and may lash out.
48/ Monday ,11 November 2013; Lace Monitor in a Chook Pen
Removed a goanna from a chicken pen. He had been having breakfast there daily.
49/ Saturday ,26 October 2013; Two Eastern Brown Snakes Canoodling
Callout to a community center were two brown snakes were making the serpentine version of the beast with two backs and scaring the people there.
50/ Tuesday ,11 June 2013; Carpet snake relocation
51/ Monday ,10 June 2013; Yellow faced whip snake in the kitchen
Removal of a Yellow faced whip snake (Demansia psammophis) from a kitchen
52/ Friday ,18 January 2013; Brown snake in treadmill
One of my first brown snakes who had decided to be difficult. However I did everything right and managed to capture the animal safely
53/ Sunday ,13 January 2013; Brown snake plus hot day equals adrenaline!
Attempt to find , capture and relocate a venomous brown snake on a hot day
54/ Thursday ,10 January 2013; Snake hurt by cat
A harmless common tree snake that had escaped from a cat
55/ Tuesday ,08 January 2013; Monster Common Tree Snake
A spectacular animal that was also an easy relocation
56/ Monday ,24 December 2012; Red Belly Black Snake Photo Session
This little girl wandered into a house. I was called to capture and relocate it and this is the photo session during her release
57/ Tuesday ,07 August 2012; Common tree snake in a bedroom
A common tree snake removed from a bedroom. Filmed by my wife who isn't the bravest around snakes.
58/ Saturday ,06 October 2012; A large carpet python
Licensed relocation of a large carpet python and our first filmed capture. Filming is by my wife who isn't the bravest around snakes