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Mark Geoffery Neath (ie. me) lives on the Sunshine Coast in a three story hovel ( that has pacific views ) with his beautiful and long suffering wife Brenda, Rodney the dog small human, forty snakes and a small but growing collection of bass guitars. Inbetween removing snakes from peoples homes, he attempts to renovate the place, write software, do nature photography, cook amazing meals for his gym addicted and gorgous wife ( and cooking for the dog too ), care for his small zoo and occassionally slap around a bass or two around.

He has had many different jobs, Disk Jockey, chef, collecting aquarium fish on the barrier reef, house renovations then, for a long time, a computer programmer.

But after 20 years as a computer programmer burnout arrived and a sea change was needed. A number of opinions were examined including snake relocation. It turns out that his building experence, computer knowleage and long term keeping of reptiles has allowed the snake relocations to become a full time business come obession.